OPEN: Succulents.

Water once every 10-14 days

Bright, indirect sunlight.

OPEN: Woodland.

Water once every 8-12 days with syringe provided.

Medium to bright sunlight


Self-watering. Open lid once a month to air out for a few hours.

Medium to bright light.

Things to keep in mind:

Only use distilled/rain water.

Over watering will kill your terrarium.

Never place in direct sunlight. The glass intensifies the heat and your plants may perish.

Occasional interior cleaning can be done with a paper towel.

Your terrarium is alive and has cycles, some things may change colour, die and new growth will occur. Enjoy the magic before your eyes!

Mold Control (Closed Terrariums):

Mold can occur from time to time in high humidity areas.

Remove affected area with scissors (if possible).

Use spray provided on affected area twice a week.

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