About me

Welcome to VERDE terrariums!

A little about myself.

photo 3I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a background in painting. Some time ago I became disillusioned with the art world and changed paths to pursue other interests.

Alas, the creative itch came back and I delved into photography but still felt a need to discover a more tactile, hands-on creative outlet.
At the same time, living in a subarctic climate and enduring long winters I found myself craving the energy of living plants, hence I discovered the art of terrarium making.
Fast forward to now! I have always had a deep love of nature and am passionate about creating beautiful living works of art for your home and workspace.
Human beings originate from nature and are a part of it; yet, in our westernized, daily lives we sometimes loose our connection to the natural world.
My terrariums facilitate a reconnection point. They offer a space of reflection, while enhancing the aesthetic quality of your space.
Discover my terrariums and experience a sense of peace and joy while you escape into a miniature world.

Dominika Dratwa

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